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The People of CapeLight Corporation

At CapeLight Corporation, we truly believe that people make the difference. We have assembled a team of professionals who are each recognized experts in their field. Drawing upon all of their talents, we find that the results outweigh the sum of the parts. Please allow us to briefly introduce you to each member of the CapeLight team:

JK Photo John F. Kennedy
Chairman & C.E.O.

John is a recognized leader in the rail industry, having been involved in numerous business, startup and entrepreneurial ventures related to both passneger and freight railroads. John was also one of the first clinical trial patients to ever be successfully cured of a potentially terminal tumor in his esophagus, providing him with invaluable experience and a unique perspective with regard to clinical trials and the medical profession.

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JM Photo Jeff S. Morris
Chief Technical Officer

Jeff brings with him to CapeLight Corporation the technical skills and expertise from a successful career in the information technology sector, as well as the leadership experience derived from over a decade of managing a high tech corporation from it's inception.

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AM Photo Alfred E. (Ted) Michon
Transportation Consultant

Alfred brings extensive domestic and international experience in the rail industry to CapeLight, including his experience as president of three regional railroads, and over 25 years experience as an executive with both Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Railroads.

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